Free Macros!

To thank you for being a part of the Affinity Revolution, I want to give you a gift. For my gift, you can download these 5 free macros that I created for you. 🙂

Installing the Macros 

After you’ve downloaded the macro’s file, you need to install the macros in Affinity Photo. To do that, you first need the Library Panel.

To open the Library Panel, go to View, Studio, Library.

From the Library Panel, press on the menu icon, and then press “Import Macros”.

Success! You’ve now installed the macros in Affinity Photo. If you want, you can now delete the macro’s file that you downloaded, because Affinity Photo does not need to use that file anymore.

Using the Macros

To use a macro, you first need to open an image. Here are a few practice images that you can use. Just remember to unzip the file after downloading it.

After opening an image, you’re ready to use a macro. To use a macro, all you need to do is press on the macro’s name from inside the Library Panel. Super easy!

I also have a couple of tips for you, so that you can make the most of these macros.

  1. You can lower the macro group’s opacity if the effect is too strong
  2. You can duplicate the macro group if the effect is not strong enough
  3. You can change the opacity of the individual layers inside the macro’s group
  4. You can use multiple macros on a single image

Just so that you can see the potential of these macros, here are a few before and after’s that I created by combining multiple macros, and adjusting their opacities.

I hope you enjoy your new macros. Thank you for being a part of the Affinity Revolution!