How to Fix Affinity Photo When Something Goes Wrong

If Affinity Photo is broken … Who you gonna call?

Here are 7 ways to fix Affinity Photo when something has gone wrong.


Solution 1: Restart your Computer

There’s a good reason tech support will often tell you to restart your computer. About half of all computer problems can be solved with a simple reboot.



Solution 2: Resetting the Studio

All of the panels on the right side of Affinity Photo are called the Studio. If your Studio’s panels have gone wonky, try resetting them.

Affinity Photo's Studio is made up of panels.


To reset your Studio, go to View, Studio, Reset Studio.

You can reset Affinity's studio.



Solution 3: Revealing Tools, Toolbar, and Context Toolbar

If you can’t see your tools, toolbar, or Context Toolbar, have no fear! There’s a simple solution.

Affinity Photo has tools, a toolbar, and a context toolbar.


Just go to the bottom of the View menu, and make sure these features of Affinity Photo are turned on.

Show the tools and toolbar.



Solution 4: Merging Windows

If your windows have become separated, there’s a very simple solution.

Affinity Photo with separated windows.


Come to the Window menu, and press Separated Mode. This will turn off Separated Mode, putting all of your windows back together.

Merge Affinity Photo's windows.



Solution 5: Factory Reset

Did you know you can easily perform a factory reset of Affinity Photo? This will reset any changes you’ve made to the app.

To reset Affinity Photo, hold down the Control key while opening it.

Factory Reset Affinity Photo.


Keep pressing Control until the reset dialog box appears.

Then select any of the settings you want to reset. You can even press Select All if you want to reset everything. Just make sure you don’t erase something you actually want to keep! 🙂

Reset the options that you want.

Note for Mac users: Unlike most keyboard shortcuts where “control” is for PC’s, and “command” is for Macs, this is one of the few times that you really do need to press control, not command.  



Solution 6: Self-Accountability

Are you saying the problem could be MY fault?!

I know we all hate to admit it, but sometimes it might not be Affinity’s fault that something isn’t working. By far the most common mistakes I see are with people using layers incorrectly (I’ve been guilty of these mistakes myself).

To see the 10 most common layer mistakes, and how to fix them, you can watch this video



Solution 7: Calling in the Professionals

Even after trying all of these solutions, you might find that Affinity Photo is still not working. In that case, it’s time to get professional help.

Head on over to the official Affinity forums, and post a question here. Most of the time, you will get a helpful response in less than a few hours.

Be sure to give specific details about the problem you’re having, and always include a screenshot. That makes it much easier for other people to help you solve the problem.

if you follow these tips, Affinity Photo will be back up and running in no time!