How to Combine Multiple Images

What is Compositing? 

Photo compositing is when you combine elements from multiple images, in order to create a brand new image.

Compositing can be tricky to do, but it’s a lot of fun! If you follow along with the tutorials on this page, you will be well on your way to becoming a compositing master. 🙂


Foundational Skills for Compositing 

Before you can begin compositing, you need a few foundational skills. Here are the three most important skills you need for compositing, along with a video tutorial for each skill.


Making quality selections

Download the image of the man.


Using masks effectively

Download the image of the woman.


Matching images’ colors

Download the two images.


Easy Composite Projects

Here are three projects you can follow along with, in order to practice your compositing skills. These tutorials are very easy, and a lot of fun! 🙂


Lake in a Lightbulb 

Download the lightbulb. Download the lake.


Water Flame Candle

Download the candle. Download the water.


Clone Yourself

Download the three images.


Advanced Composite Projects 

Here are three more compositing projects that you can follow along with. These tutorials are a little more advanced, so they are a great way to take your compositing skills to the next level.


Add Stars to Any Sky

Download the mountain and stars.


Create a Movie Poster

Download the movie poster images.


Woman Swimming in Street

Download the images.


Let’s Make Life Easier

In this article, I referenced a lot of videos. If you’d like to save all of these videos for later, you can go here to view a playlist of them. Just open the playlist, and then bookmark the playlist inside your internet browser. Then you can easily reference the videos whenever you want to improve your compositing skills.

Have fun! 🙂