Dispersion Effect Tutorial

The dispersion effect is very easy, even for Affinity Photo beginners. To learn how to create this effect, watch the video below. You can also review the written steps beneath the video after you have watched it.





1) Select the person/object

2) Duplicate the selection twice (command + J)

3) Delete the original layer

4) Liquify the top layer

5) Apply a mask to the top layer, and invert the mask

6) Apply a mask to the bottom layer

7) Use a black spray paint brush to brush away some of the bottom layer

8) Use a white spray paint brush to bring back some of the top layer

9) Add a new pixel layer, fill it with white, and place it as the bottom layer

10) Done! Enjoy your cool photo đŸ™‚


*For steps 7 and 8, make sure you have the mask selected, not the picture